Casual Apparel

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    Dolcezza –
    Contemporary related separate and knit wear made in Europe, tops, bottoms and jackets.

    Clotheshead –
    Novelty tops and separates are a combo of youthful styling with a comfortable fit Designed to reveal – and conceal – in all the right places. Women with a forever young attitude love Clotheshead.

    Comfy USA/ Sun Kim/ Jason –
    Made in the USA. Unique, comfortable, colorful clothing for women. Relaxed, elegant clothing. Their style is modern, yet timeless, for the sophisticated women who want to look stylish and feel comfortable.

    Tribal –
    Is effortless fashion, trendy styles constructed to slim, flatten and enhance your silhouette. Wardrobe pieces available in tops, bottoms, sweaters, vests and coats.

    Vintage Concepts –
    High end fashion meets classic vintage look, providing the highest quality vintage style clothes for ladies. Styles include leggings, bottoms, tops and jackets.

    Curio –
    Sweater collection full of originality and value that enhances the women who wear it. Modern chic shapes in unique stiches makes each sweater a work of art. Fits into any contemporary women’s closet.

    Habitat –
    Clothes to live in says it all. Comfortable and stylish tops, from office to dinner with friends. Grounded contemporary styling. Timeless fabrics, colors and shapes inspired by global travel and total immersion in fashion trends and cultures.

    Jag Jeans Denim –
    Knit demin, knits woven, twill knit leggings and thick enough to move around, but light enough so you can layer. These classic jeans are fit and comfortable. Jeans for dropping off the kids, running off to work or relaxing with friends. Comfortable jeans with just the right amount of fashion to keep you up to date.

    Pieces of Blue –
    Danish Design – Luxury Knitwear that’s stone washed, we have a huge selection of styles and colors. Turning yarn into knitted fabric and garments.

    Tyler Boe - 

    A collaborative vision and design of Sam and Karol Boe, from the historical green in Bedford Village, New York. It is a refreshingly chic collection of sportswear designed for today's modern, yet refined woman. The trademark logo, the dragonfly, symbolizes change.